Beginning Blacksmithing Course


New Classes Begin January 10th!




This beginner’s course will introduce the participants to traditional blacksmithing methods using coal-fired forges, hand tools and shop equipment.  Each participant will go away with knowledge, skills, and products of his/her work.

The course curriculum will include safety discussions, materials and tools of the trade, fire starting and maintenance, heating the work, hammer blows and control, measuring and marking, tapering to a square point, drawing out metal, forging square to octagonal and round, bending, twisting, forging a basic S-hook, a drive hook, a screw-in/nail-in hooks, making a chisel, a punch, a drift, punching holes, flattening and spreading, forging a spoon, simple leaves, nails, rivets, tool handles, door handles, scrolls, preparing for welding, forge welding a ring, butt hinge and riveting, as well as working on personal projects.

The cost of the course, $395.00, includes materials and supplies, including a copy of the book “The Backyard Blacksmith” by Lorelei Sims.