Blacksmithing Student Information

It is recommended that blacksmithing students wear leather shoes, cotton or wool clothing (not man-made fiber clothes), bring a pair of leather work gloves, safety glasses/goggles, and a 2-lb. cross or straight pein or machinist’s hammer.

Students Will:

1. Fill out a “Waiver of Liability” form before you begin blacksmithing at one of our smithies. If you are injured, you need to inform the instructor or the overseer of the smithy at that time. We have a first-aid kit on premises.

2. Always treat tools in the smithy as your own. No tools are to leave the smithy without the permission of the museum director of The Curran Homestead.

3. Clean forge after using it is important to everyone using the smithy. As part of the course you will learn to recognize the difference between coal, coke, and clinker. All of these materials should be treated accordingly. Coke is used to start your forge fire, coal is used to fuel your fire, and clinker is the inevitable waste of the coal fire. Clinker should be cleaned from the fire pan after each use; it is to be put into a metal bucket. Coke can be used when starting forge fires and should be placed in a metal bucket under the forge for later use. Clinker is to be dumped in a place designated by the instructor when the pail containing it is full.