Current Class & Workshop Offerings

Starting Tuesday, September 26, 6-9PM, Six Week, Tuesday and Thursday

Evenings, Coal Fired Forge Blacksmithing Class.

This class involves a real commitment, as students will be expected to complete projects over the course of six weeks. There will be studio time available on Saturdays for you to practice your skills in addition to class time. The class covers safety, coal fires, heating, shaping, and cutting steel. Students will complete multiple projects under the tutelage of instructor Dwight King. Students will end with instruction on forge welding. Forging a railroad spike knife is a preface to a follow-up KNIFE MAKING CLASS.  We ask that you bring a ball, straight or cross pein or machinist hammer of no more than 3 lbs; 2 pound hammers avoid more injuries to the beginner. Natural fiber clothing. Work shoes. Gloves optional. Safety Glasses Required. See our Blacksmithing Student Instructions web page. Payment by check or credit card secures your place in a class limited to 6 students. Tuition: $395. Pay to Register: Call (207) 205-4849 or (207) 745-4426.

Sat., Sept. 16, 2017, 10-3. Make a Propane Burning Blacksmithing Forge at FIELDS POND.

Pay to register to make a clean burning, relatively efficient, and inexpensive version of commercial forges that cost four times or more the amount to make this. This is an alternative to the costly indoor set-up of a coal fired forge for the budding blade-smith or blacksmith. Cut metal and fabricate parts using power tools. We do the welding. Create a refractory cement mold using Sana tube, cardboard, and duct tape. Our cement is rated for high temperatures. Your assembly kit (to be assembled in class) includes a metal shell, legs, refractory, mold materials, a propane heating wand assembly with 10 PSI regulator and hose. Kit does not include a propane supply. If time permits, make a railroad spike knife after completing your forge. Past blacksmithing students (Curran): $275, all others: $295. All materials & tools provided. Class limit: 5, Call to register: Bob @ (207) 205-4849, or Irv @ (207) 745-4426.




Saturday, September 30, 10-3. Learning About Electric: Make an Electric Lamp from Scratch for Kids (Ages 9 and Above) and Adults at FIELDS POND. This “Old School” construction involves building a lamp on a wooden base. Students will chamfer the edges of the wood with a hand tool. You will fasten white porcelain fixtures: switch, socket and insulator, to the wood base. Students will wire these components using new old stock cloth covered wire. Students will be introduced to soldering electric wire together. A clear glass light bulb will be provided. Class limited to 6. Please register sooner than later so we have enough materials on hand. Tuition: $35 All materials & tools provided. Pay to Register. Call Bob @ (207) 205-4849, or Irv @ (207) 745-4426.  

Sat., October 7, 2017, 10-3. Electronics 101: Make A Morse Code Telegraph Sounder ( Ages 11 & Above) at FIELDS POND. This is an old meets new learning experience. This is a beginning electronics class as well as an exploration of a communication form, telegraphy and Morse Code, invented in the 1840s, that is still informing how we speak to each other over long distance today. You will create an updated version of the classic telegraph key sounder that includes both a buzzer and LED light signaler. This will involve assembling a circuit board, wiring and components inside of a tin can enclosure. You will be introduced to soldering wires. The class will have you make the key and then learn to use it. Tuition: $35 All materials & tools provided. Pay to Register. Call Bob @ (207) 205-4849, or Irv @ (207) 745-4426.  Click This: Electronic Morse Code Sounder, Telegraph, Video

Sat., October 21, 2017, 10-3. Make a Wooden Bench Seat Class at FIELDS POND( Ages 10 and Above). This is a beginner’s class in wood construction. It will take place in our new woodworking shop; the first class in this space! Students will use only hand tools. There will be measuring and marking of the components for a 60″ long by 6″ wide by 18″ tall bench, sawing and drilling, and hammering. We will sand the surfaces to our satisfaction. Tools and materials provided. Tuition: $40. Make two, donate one to the museum, and the tuition is free. Pay to register: call: Bob @ (207) 205-4849, or Irv @ (207) 745-4426.

Sat., Nov.4, 10-3. FIBER ARTS: Weaving for Ages 8 and Above at FIELDS POND. This class involves not only the process of weaving but preparation of tools and materials. You will construct a drop spindle from found objects that will allow you to spin raw wool into year. You will spin a quantity of yarn for the purpose of weaving on a lap loom. You will construct a lap loom much like this homemade example found in the Evan Hart Barn ( Copeland Hill Rd., Orrington). This involves a simple wood construction with nails fastened around the perimeter for the sake of creating the warp and weft of your weave. students will also have the opportunity to dye there wool yarn. You may not complete your woven pattern entirely but will have a good start on it and will have the tools to do additional weavings in the future. Pay to register: $35. Call to register: Bob @ (207) 205-4849 or Irv @ (207) 745-4426.