Pemetic_Kids_at_Pump_3Our role is to be a community education resource. Our focus is on individual and familial learning experiences. We provide a place and situation by which children with their parents, guardians, or caregivers, as well as adults themselves, may acquire “how-to” and “hands-on” knowledge associated with rural Maine life at the turn of the 20th century. It is hoped that the knowledge garnered at this institution will ultimately be applicable to contemporary life serving to enrich, improve, and develop it with entertainments and skills more familiar to previous generations. Through its extensive collection of 19th- and turn-of-the-century-20th-century farm and household material culture, our living history museum recreates the past while at the same time facilitates new situations by which tools, equipment, and structures awaken a new sense of self-sufficiency and independence amongst the public it serves. We are committed to not only developing educational programming that emphasizes the interactive and interpersonal but also tactile and kinesthetic learning modes for a variety of age groups.

We offer customized schedules and programs featuring:

Horse-Power to Horsepower

Fuel for the Farm (Wood Supply)

Handling Small Animals with Care

Crafted from the Forest (Woodworking Hand Tools)

Handmade Hardware (Blacksmithing Craft)

Heart of the Farm (Farmhouse Kitchen Chores)

Timeless Time-Savers (Vintage Kitchen Gadgets)

The Promise of Seed (Sowing and Nurturing Plants)

Oral History

To learn about the Curran Homestead’s most recent oral histories by Eagle Scout Matthew Norris of Troop 44, see Eagle Scout Oral Histories. To learn about oral histories taken in the 1996 by Tosca DeVito, Megan Foreman, Dena Winslow York, Shawna Chesto, Nancy Dudley, Barbara Sumner, Robin Fre, Melissa Johnson, Angela Herbert, and Brandon Portwine, the University …

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Reservations: Field Trips to Curran Homestead Village at Newfield

Scroll down for information about reservations for a school field trip and details about our school field trip program at our Newfield site. Eventually, a similar program will evolve at the Fields Pond campus.   A field trip to Curran Homestead Village at Newfield is a great way for students of all ages to explore …

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