Beginning Blacksmithing Course Begins Tuesday, November 7. Sign Up Now!

Beginning Blacksmith Course at Curran Homestead

Beginning Blacksmith Course Begins Tuesday, November 7, 2017

19th Century Curran Homestead Village

19th Century Curran Homestead Village at 372 Field’s Pond Road, Orrington will offer a basic 6-week introductory blacksmithing course Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 9pm limited to six participants beginning Tuesday evening November 7, 2017.

No experience is needed. Participants will attend six consecutive Tuesday and Thursday evening classes and will also have access to the Homestead’s forges and tools for practice or projects on Saturdays during the same 6 weeks. It is recommended that participants wear leather shoes, cotton or wool clothing (not man-made fiber clothes), bring a pair of work gloves and, if they have them available, safety glasses/goggles, and a 2lb cross pein hammer.

In announcing the course, Curran Homestead Village Museum Director, Robert Schmick, said Dwight King of Orrington will teach the offering which has been very popular among both men and women throughout the region. Dwight King has been passionate about moving metal around with hammer control for more than 12 years. His work runs the gamut of functional, handcrafted items to artistic garden and lawn sculptures, and he’s crazy about forging leaves. He has been a frequent volunteer at 19th Century Curran Homestead Village, as well as Leonard’s Mills, and is always willing to communicate knowledge of the craft. Dwight says, “Never stop learning, when you rest, you rust!”

Schmick said, “This is a beginner’s course which will introduce the participants to traditional blacksmithing methods using coal-fired forges, hand tools and shop equipment. Each participant will go away with knowledge, skills and products of his/her work.”

Dwight King added detail to the course curriculum, to include: safety discussions, materials and tools of the trade, fire starting and maintenance, heating the work, hammer blows and hammer control, measuring and marking, tapering to a square point, drawing out metal, forging square to octagonal and round, bending, twisting, forging a basic S-hook, a drive hook, screw-in/nail-in hooks, making a chisel, a punch, a drift, punching holes, flattening and spreading, forging a spoon, simple leaves, nails, rivets, tool handles, door handles, scrolls, preparing for welding, forge welding a ring, butt hinge and riveting as well as working on personal projects.

Cost of the course including materials and supplies is $395.00 per participant. Cost includes a copy of the book “The Backyard Blacksmith” by Lorelei Sims. Pre-registration is required and is first-come, first-served by cash, check payable to The Curran Homestead, or credit card (MasterCard or Visa only). To register, contact Irv Marsters, Curran Homestead Village Treasurer, at 745-4426,, or by mail at 99 Washington Street, Bangor, Maine 04401.





Saturday, October 21, 10AM-3PM, Free Members Day at Newfield

Sat., Oct. 21, 2017, 10AM-3PM. Free Members Day at Newfield! This is the last open day of the season. We will have a team of Percheron draft horses on site pulling a wagon for rides, carousel rides at 11, 12, & 2PM, costumed interpreters at our schoolhouse, letterpress printing shop, Victorian kitchen, and blacksmith shop. There will be ongoing cider making at our cider mill. There will be some end of season bargains at the Country Store. BBQ Lunch: 12-1:30. Free for members. Purchase a 2018 membership and get in free. General Admission: $10 Adult, $8 Seniors & Veterans, & Free: 17 & Under.

Saturday, October 14, 10-3, Harvest Festival at Fields Pond (Orrington)

This is a family must! There will be draft horses, Paul and Luna, pulling a hay wagon for rides. Other farm animals too.There is a jitterbug/doodlebug showdown with the Maine Antique Tractor Association, Maine Poultry Connection will be there sharing information about its scholarship program and sharing chickens and chicken coops. We will have old fashioned cider making that you are welcome to participate in, Many antique cars and vehicles. A pumpkin painting activity and scavenger hunt for the kids. Blacksmithing, cooking, music, and other activities will make this a special fall event for you.

Admissions free for kids up to 17. Adults: $10, $8 Seniors.

A bird’s eye view of our annual jitterbug/doodlebug pulling competition. These are re-purpose vehicles from before 1950 and the goal is to pull as much weight as you can. Trophies in specific competition categories are awarded.














Pumpkin Painting for Kids! Lots of fun.


Maine Poultry Connection will be on site to share information about its ongoing scholarship program supplying interested kids with chickens, a coop and feed. There will be a a coop or two to peruse as well as chickens.