Charitable Donations of Artifacts & Ephemera

Curran Homestead Village seeks, in addition to your charitable donations of funds to continue to fulfill its mission, the charitable donation of artifacts and ephemera related to rural life in Maine and New England, 1850s-1920s. This includes, but is not limited to domestic items, appliances, machines, engines, early electrical equipment, telegraphs, telephones, cameras and photographs, medical items, pharmaceutical (homeopathic and quack medicine), early crystal and tube radios, agricultural items, and post office items.

If you are interested in making a charitable donation, please read through our DEED OF GIFT; this document will be completed when you make a donation, and it will include a list of the items received by The Curran Homestead, Inc. from you. After the artifacts have been transported to our facilities, the following 2017 Deed of Gift_Blank will be completed by us with input from you and require your eventual approval and signature; we require a copy of this signed document for our records.

In the past, we have amended the following “Deed of Gift” to ensure that donated items remain forever in the state of Maine, to serve in the preservation of its unique rural heritage. This amendment can be discussed with you. If such a a request is made this would be added to the information stated in the last paragraph of the following document and would include the following:

“The Donor’s condition for this bequest is that the above named Objects remain in the State of Maine within the collection of The Curran Homestead, Inc. until a presently unforeseen time when this nonprofit institution is forced for some presently unknown circumstance to close its doors and de-accession its entire collection. The donor requests that the above items be transferred to another solvent museum institution in the State of Maine under the same conditions at that time.”