Video & Photo Album


Thank you to Herb Crosby for videotaping and putting together this great overview of our 2017 Harvest Festival at Fields Pond, Orrington. This event featured a doodlebug pulling contest presented by the Maine Antique Tractor Association. These vehicles represent a part of rural history in their ingenious use of early autos for the purpose of homemade tractors, log skidders and other tasks. The Curran Homestead Village has a collection of several examples including a circa 1917 Model T with dual Model double T transmissions, a Worthington T, a Model T conversion tractor conversion kit purchased in 1919 from the Sears & Roebuck in Bangor, ME. The Curran recently restored a 1920s vintage Model T cord saw.

The Harvest Festival also included hands-on programming like drawing scarecrows and painting pumpkins, and making apple cider on our vintage hand-crank cider mill. Blacksmithing was featured as well as a team of Percheron draft horses pulling a hay wagon for rides. There was cooking in our period farmhouse kitchen.


Check out this video of our horse treadmill at Curran Homestead Village at Newfield in conjunction with our school field trip program. Here we see the treadmill powering an 1870s grist mill. Currently the treadmill powers an apple grinder in conjunction with our 1870s cider press: